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The Bruce Sallan Radio Show With Jim Scheinberg

Bruce and Jim talk about ups and downs in relationships and the markets. Click here to Listen

Bruce Sallan Radio Show With Jim Scheinberg

Jim and Bruce draw connections between family issues and money. Click here to listen

Legislative Outlook for the Public and Private Retirement System

As the 112th Congress convened in January, it was clear that a substantial part of the legislative agenda for the next few…

Defined Contribution Trends Indentified in Callan’s Survey

Callan Associates’ 2011 DC Trends Survey, Defined Contribution Trends Survey: Positioning the DC Plan for the Future, was published in January 2011.…

Appellate Court Approves Class Status for Defined Contribution Participants

A Federal appellate court ruled that it may be appropriate for a class of defined contribution plan participants to file a suit…

Decision on New Fiduciary Rules Delayed

The SEC has delayed establishing new rules that would level the playing field for broker dealers and other investment advice providers. A…

IRS 401(k) Plan Questionnaire: Non-Responders Will Be Subject to Full-Scope Audit

As reported in a previous Fiduciary Commentary, in May 2010, the IRS delivered questionnaires to some 1,200 401(k) plan sponsors to determine…

The Bruce Sallan Radio Show with Jim Scheinberg

Jim and Bruce discuss financial ‘rights of passages’. Click here to listen to the segment

The Bruce Sallan Radio show with Jim Scheinberg

Working with someone that is willing to tell you “No”. Click here to listen to the segment