Managing Partner Jim Scheinberg Live on Bloomberg TV

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Yesterday Managing Partner Jim Scheinberg was live on Bloomberg TV discussing institutional investors’ appetite for emerging markets.

“At North Pier, we deal with the institutional investors that are deploying capital through the Outsourced Chief Investment Office (OCIO) industry. I can tell you definitively that those discretionary managers are actually overweighting emerging markets right now for a number of reasons. Plain and simple, valuations are far more attractive in the emerging market space than the United States, especially if you look at the growth indices that are anywhere between 60-130% higher than the long term valuations in the U.S., small cap to large cap”

Jim and host Shery Ahn also discussed why this is the most speculative moment for capital markets and the economy in his over 30 year career. Click the button below to watch Jim’s interview, beginning at the at the 12 minute mark.

Bloomberg TV

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