Wall Street Drops on Inflation Fears (Reuters)

Live on Reuters Trading at Noon, Jim Scheinberg spoke with host Elena Casas about how the markets are moving, including the tech selloff and soaring commodity prices and inflationary concerns.

Jim also provided intel on why this is the most speculative time to make market predictions in his 30 year career. “At North Pier Search Consulting, we are a research firm that does search and evaluation of Outsourced Chief Investment Officers (OCIOs). These are the firms that are discretionary managing the largest institutional capital in the world. We saw in just the last four months the average GDP expectation for this year alone go from somewhere in the 2%s to somewhere in the 6%s. And if that can happen in just a period of a few months, you have to understand that this trickles down into every single industry and every single earnings report.”

Watch Jim’s interview by clicking here. 

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