Tips on Searching for the Best OCIO in a Growing Market (CIO Magazine)

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Evaluating or searching for an OCIO? North Pier’s Senior Analyst Joshua MacKenzie discusses RFPs, shortlists, and when to hire a search firm in CIO Magazine. 

With Outsourced Chief Investment Officers (OCIO) on the rise, institutional investors are increasingly weighing the option to entirely outsource the responsibility of asset management decisions to these professional investment firms.

According to Natixis’s 2016 Global Survey of Institutional Investors, nearly $2 trillion in worldwide assets are managed by OCIO investment firms, with the trend expected to continue far into the future. With that said, this surging market demand bears the question: how should investment committees go about choosing the right OCIO?

There is currently no uniformed template or set of standards to aid institutions in the search and selection of the ideal OCIO. As the OCIO model’s popularity flourishes, institutional investors looking to make that transition should consider a comprehensive search process before making their selection…

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